Water for cats: Get cat to drink more water

If you’d like to see your cat drinking more water, there are a few helpful tips to be aware of.

Fresh and clean water is important for your cat. If your cat doesn’t get enough water, it can lead to serious kidney problems and urinary issues. Sometimes cats can be picky about drinking water straight from the tap. They prefer water that has a more natural scent to it, as they can smell the chemicals that are used to treat our tap water.

Cats also love to drink from moving sources of water, as it prevents the water from becoming stale. Cats don’t like it when the water becomes stale from sitting out for long periods. These two factors can be taken advantage of by getting a cat waterfall. These fountains naturally attract your cat’s senses with the flowing water, with the added benefit of water filtration that removes any chemicals and things that are unhealthy for your cat.

When it comes to water for cats, these drinking fountains cannot be beat. I first discovered them when my cats wouldn’t quit drinking all the water out of a decorative fountain in the living room. I decided to try out these cat waterfalls and my kitties simply love them.

The cat water fountain we are currently using and recommend is the Hagen Fresh and Clear Cat Drinking Fountain

This water fountain holds one hundred fluid ounces of drinking water, enough to last several cats multiple days. The multi-stage filtration collects any debris, food, hair or sediment that will normally collect in the water dish. This cat water fountain is extremely quiet and only begins to make noise when its time to refill the water. Cats also prefer to drink from slightly elevated sources, where they can drink while standing. This fountain is designed to be at the ideal height for encouraging cats to drink more water.

We’ve had some recent additions to our kitty family and so decided to add a second water fountain for our cats. We went with the Cat Mate Pet Fountain and couldn’t be happier. While we still recommend the Hagen, the Cat Mate really takes it a step up!